Sunday, 4 December 2011


Had an idea about gun molls. Everything I come up with seems to star double-acts.


  1. I got a laugh out of the labels you used for this post :) The dame on the right reminds me of someone I once knew. Thought I'd letcha know that I came across your "Man's World" video on Cartoon Brew's facebook page: & thought it was really fucking awesome :) I wrote a short blog about your work . Hope you don't mind :) My blog is still very new, so you probably won't be getting all that much exposure from it or anything, but thought I'd let you know anyways. I'll be sure to watch out for more works from you & hopefully by then I'll have a few more blog followers. Awesome stuff, dude.

  2. Thanks. Nice to know my stuff is spreading around, however slowly. Also I don't know if you realise but the peace festival film on my vimeo is just an animatic. You can see the finished version here